Weekend Trips to Santa Cruz

By Joshua Bradley-Bevan (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

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This was written on November 19th.

Now that my midterms are finished, I have been taking life a bit easier. As soon as I was done I went to Santa Cruz for the weekend to go surfing with a group of guys from the Surfing Club. This was an awesome weekend away from Berkeley, we set off in the afternoon and headed straight for the beach as soon as we arrived. It was nice to relax from the recently stressful week, and afterwards we stopped off at Chipotle to grab a quick burrito before heading to the booked campsite.

Throughout the night we attempted to go on a night hike and when I returned, I found two raccoons chomping away on my strawberry Pop-Tarts! But I soon got over that, and in the morning we went to a spot called ‘the hook’ to go surfing again. We got food from a place called Burger., (that’s Burger with a full stop at the end). Suprisingly, they sell good burgers. Then we finally headed back to Berkeley. During term time I usually end up going to Pacifica, which is in the picture above; it is in a nice cove with beautiful scenery and mountains in the background. The beach is also usually pretty full of people, although sometimes the place is foggy as it’s in the Bay Area after all.

I have also been spending a lot of time at the fraternity and getting involved with some of the events going on there. At the moment the house is being refurnished and upgraded due to alumni spending money on the place making it look nicer; there is now a nice big shield on the front of the house, along with the greek letters for PhiKappaPsi too, which looks impressive. The pledging process is nearly over and last weekend I went with the Ski and Snowboard team to go camping at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, which was a lot of fun. There were about 50 of us that ended up going and it was actually quite close to Santa Cruz. We ordered about 20 pizzas and in the morning we cooked bacon and chocolate which was an odd combination…

I’m planning to travel a bit farther than Santa Cruz soon, as I feel I haven’t explored as much as I would have liked to so far. As of a few hours ago, I just booked a flight to Calgary in Canada on the 17th December (which is also the date of my last final exam) to visit a friend, which leaves me about two weeks to somehow make my way back to San Francisco… which I will start planning for at some point!

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