Summing up my First Semester and Second Semester at UIUC

By Aye-Oritse Ikomi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

So, I have been rather sporadic with these posts; it’s just so busy here all the time! I don’t know how the Americans do this for four years!

So, I’m now three weeks into my second semester and having such a great time! I thought I would find it difficult coming back after a whole month at home but I was so happy when I touched back down in Chicago! Knowing what I was coming back to made the process of settling in so much easier and seeing all my friends reminded me what a great time I’ve had here in Illinois!

So, luckily, I think I have managed to miss the worst of the weather, according to a friend it got to -23 degrees whilst I was away! Which makes me happy for the -11 degrees it has been since I’ve been back! It sounds so bad, but I’ve realised in fact that when it gets below -4, it all kind of feels the same – just cold.

In December I took part in a prep session for the Americans studying abroad in the UK this semester. It was funny hearing the kind of questions they asked about England, we kind of take it for granted I guess. Today I took part in the Study Abroad Fair, where I incessantly bragged about Manchester! My family also came out to Chicago to visit me for a week which was great! We went on an architecture river tour and ate some great food!

My classes this semester are really different to those I took last semester. The lectures are a lot bigger so there is less discussion and more focus on assignments, which is an adjustment, but I’m getting into the swing of things. I’m taking a class on sexualities which is really interesting, nothing like any course I have taken in Manchester.

So I thought I would post a few photos from some of the things I got up to last semester and during Thanksgiving (I went to New York which is amazing!) as I haven’t got much to report yet from this semester.


Chicago with my family!

10940514_10152637901411381_6456043275753414595_n  1601597_10152637901496381_1261815998526367916_n

10524334_10152637902941381_7244609314665491707_n 10846249_10152524860016381_4188006043814892359_n 10917076_10152637903156381_6828442641247886763_n   10923493_10152637903146381_7312452038309061768_n

New York for Thanksgiving!

10410599_10152473989116381_6847872533447189304_n 560211_10155170860180046_599659119537920642_n

Watching the Hockey Game  and Basketball game!

I am going to New Orleans with some of the other British people here in two weeks for my 21st birthday which is exciting, and then there is a festival-type thing here called “Unofficial” for St Patrick’s Day in a few weeks, and then spring break is just around the corner! The time is going so quickly this semester, it all seems to be coming up so fast, but I have lots of exciting plans so roll on semester 2!

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