Post Spring Break in Illinois

By Aye-Oritse Ikomi (The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

The end of the Semester is fast approaching; I’ll be leaving Illinois in two weeks today and am heartbroken at the thought! I didn’t think I’d ever be so sad for a school year to end and the summer to start – this half of the semester has truly been one of the best experiences of my life!

It has been a busy few weeks, especially turning 21 (US style!), spring break, midterms, work (school and job) and trips to New Orleans and Washington DC, but it’s been really fulfilling… although I’m exhausted! We also went to Chicago for the St Patrick’s Day parade! They dye the river green which was very impressive!

The workload this semester has been slightly easier than last, perhaps I am just more used to the American system now. I’ve also completely settled in and seem to be meeting new friends every week. I’ve said it once and will say it again, Midwesterners are so friendly! 

For people preparing to come out here in August, you will be glad to know the snow has gone and it’s a consistent 22-28 degrees now, which is a great way to end the school year. Although two weeks ago there were some Tornado warnings, but we’re over that hump!

There has been a lot going on around the campus lately, what with the nice weather. Last week there were free camel rides on the quad, a free outdoor concert with B.O.B, the spring football game, “Mom’s weekend” and Joe Biden (the Vice President of the United States) came to campus to give a talk on sexual assault. So overall there has been a great atmosphere!

Here are some photos up from my trips to New Orleans, DC, St Patrick’s Day in Chicago and Spring Break in Panama City Beach Florida:

11046481_10152720341611381_4129303359147681965_n 11050298_10152720341551381_9075093125825382265_n

New Orleans


Chicago’s green river!

11081010_10152779180421381_2205717538874901181_n 11102806_10152779181646381_2736189644995288240_n




I luckily end finals very early, so am taking the opportunity to visit my aunt who lives in Houston, Texas before heading to the West Coast to meet some Manchester friends for a road trip up California! I’m so excited, but at the same time hoping the next two weeks go really slowly!

You don’t quite realise how strange it is getting ready to leave people who have been your whole life for a year, and who honestly you may never see again… It’s a strange feeling that I hadn’t quite prepared myself for. However, I truly think I have made some friends for life here and will definitely be back in Illinois in the future!!


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