Last month in Sydney

The weather has changed a lot since first arriving at Sydney in February. Temperature has dropped since a typhoon hit New South Wales around one month ago. The typhoon severely affected transportations and public services as railways were blocked by fallen trees and streets became a giant pond. Although I am very used to typhoons in Hong Kong, I have never experienced such serious disturbance caused by a typhoon. It was the first time I heard students are unable to leave their homes due to the weather condition and I could immediately understand why when my friend showed me a photo of his house. He lives in the west of Sydney and it takes him two hours to commute to the university by car and train. The roads surrounding his house were all flooded and his car was stuck in the garden. As the typhoon was gone and every thing went back to business, winter was approaching. The blue summer sky was no longer there everyday like it was in summer and it can get very windy sometimes as there were always broken umbrellas in the bins. One observation I made is that people always tend to use an umbrella even when there is only few raindrops and it is very different from what I see in Manchester. On the other hand, sunglasses is a necessity in Sydney and you will likely see everybody wearing it in the campus, which is rather unusual even in a rare sunny day in Manchester.

Apart from the change in weather, I had a very special dinner in Sydney two weeks before I left. It was incredible that I got to see my primary school friends after almost ten years and it is in Sydney, a place that we never thought of as we our primary school is in Hong Kong. We had the chance as one of us had moved to Canberra and is visiting Sydney for few days while one is also on exchange from Boston. It is amazing that we are now studying in three different universities in three different continents and we were able to meet in Sydney. It was an enjoyable night and one of the most unexpected things during my time abroad.

Speaking of things to do in Sydney, people may instantly think of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. While they are the must-go attractions for tourist, I found a way to see both of them and it is not written on those travel guides. Taking the ferry alone Parramatta river is one of my favourite things to do in Sydney and the route from Circular Quay Wharf to Milsons Point is the best in my opinion. You will see the Opera House from a postcard-like angle before the ferry travels beneath the massive Harbour Bridge and you will enjoy the breeze along the ten minutes journey.

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