A guide to Norway day plans 🎒🇳🇴

by Jasmine Angus, University of Bergen, Norway

Here is a guide of day activities you can do in Norway!


Sunrise/ sunsets 

  • Fløyen
  • Bergenhus festning 
  • Nordnesparken 
  • Verftet
  • Bryggen – jetty near fisketorget 
  • Ulriken

Day Trips 

Things to do in the city 

  • Bergen Kunsthall – student discount NOK 25 
  • Escape room – 20% off for students 
  • KODE – NOK 100, access to all meuseums for one price, do check which exhibitions are open as some have recently been closed 
  • Aquarium 
  • Beffen mini ferry – NOK 30 one way 
  • Vilvite- science museum 
  • Skomakerdiket- canoe at Fløyen 
  • Stoltzekleiven to sandviksfjellet – several lakes to swim in

Swimming locations 

  • Gamlehaugen
  • Verftet
  • Nordnes
  • Sandviken sea bath – floating jetty, diving board, lawn and bbq – closest bus top is old Bergen 
  • Sydnes sjøbad – water quality isn’t always tested 
  • Arboretet in minde

Night life and events 

  • https://www.studentbergen.com 
  • Hulen- underground concert venue and pub 
  • Kraken – rock and metal fix but has games and live music 
  • Landmark – located in Bergen kunsthall – cafe, bar and nightclub 
  • Ad fontes- student pub 
  • Straffbar- student bar 
  • Kronbar – student bar 
  • Henrik øl go vinstove- best beer bar in Bergen 
  • Pergola mat og vinbar- food and wine bar offering snacks and pizza 
  • Konrads kåk – cost cocktail bar 
  • Kippers USF bar og Kafe – outside sunny beer drinking 
  • 360 – restaurant and bar with rooftop seating on top of xhibition 


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