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Things I WISH I knew and SORTED before I arrived in Sydney

By Mia Campbell, University of New South Wales, Australia

Studying abroad on the other side of the world is already daunting, so it is important to feel at home swiftly. Admittedly this does take time, but the list I will commence is a faster next step in the right direction.

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🌆 5 Essential Things to Do As Soon as You Arrive in Melbourne 🌆

by Emily Fujii Kyriakidou, University of Melbourne, Australia

Capturing the Pulse of Melbourne

Hello future scholars in Melbourne! 🎓 This city is a treasure trove of cultural richness and educational prowess. Before diving into all it offers, here are five essential tasks to get you started:

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The Blue Mountains

by Mia Campbell, University of New South Wales, Australia

Less than a two hour train journey from Sydney Central you digress from the cosmopolitan city life to the Blue Mountains. Here lies vast tropical forests and extensive scenic views of the mountain peaks. I asked myself what gives this national park this name, when surely the leaf green and vibrant coloured birds (which on this day decided to be particularly vocal by the way) I would consider as a better fit. The Blue Mountains are renowned for its eucalyptus trees which emit a blue haze. Standing at Echo point lookout (three sisters) my presumptions concerning the name were well and truly conquered.

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Birthday week in Bergen – what I got up to and tips for the first week!

By Tali Hamshaw, University of Bergen, Norway

I arrived in Bergen on the 10th August feeling terrified and wondering why I had decided to put myself through this. But what I thought would be a difficult first week of adjusting quickly turned into one of the best weeks!

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Living in Singapore!

by Sofia Roche Vidaurre, National University of Singapore, Singapore

The first thing that stands out about the city is the abundant nature. It is great for those who enjoy walking around metropolitan areas while having the option of getting lost in nature. The famous Gardens by the Bay is a mix between the futuristic Super trees and Cloud Forest, providing a sanctuary of greenery and tranquility. And only 30min away by public transport there is beaches on Sentosa Island to enjoy hotter tropical days!

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Tips and tricks for moving to Sydney

By Laura Docherty, University of New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Harbour and Opera House

I have now been in Sydney for one week – and so much has happened already! I have begun to settle in by making some new friends, finally finding an apartment(!) and having my first lecture. After leaving my parents at Heathrow with a few teary goodbyes I had the 11.5 hour journey to Bangkok followed by a 9 hour flight to Sydney, so it’s safe to say I was exhausted when I arrived at my hostel. However, the view of Coogee beach from our window made up for it! I met up with a few girls from Manchester and went to do some touristy things on my first day; Sydney harbour bridge, the Opera House and the botanical gardens. There was also a massive list of admin-type things I had to get done on arrival, such as getting a new sim, opening a bank account, sorting out a tax number and getting my student card. I think I have been dealing fairly well with the move so far – so here are a few of my tips for moving alone to the other side of the world!

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The Real Sydney? : My First Module

By Mia Campbell, University of New South Wales, Australia

‘The First Invasion’ Painting at The Museum of Sydney

I arrived in Sydney last week, studying at the University of New South Wales and to my pleasant surprise (not initially) I have to study an extra module as an international student. Although, before I mistakenly identified myself as a sloppy student willing to do the bare minimum: it goes without saying this module has really opened my eyes to the Real Sydney and what it has to offer. ‘Sydney History and Crime’ has allowed me to develop my previous ideas of this city: gorgeous, vibrant, with a wide array of beaches and a winter climate ridiculing the UK’s current summer. I now recognise that Sydney possesses these qualities and more, and I feel indebted to this university for showing me that so early on.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Touristing in Toronto

By Olivia Bucherer-Ezer, University of Toronto, Canada

**subjective of course**

Whether you’re heading out to Toronto in September, perhaps along with a family member or are expecting visitors throughout the year, here are some top tips to give you the most fulfilling experience of the big T-city. 

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Building a Life Abroad

By Tara Brougham, University of Melbourne, Australia

I arrived in Melbourne for my exchange nearly 3 weeks ago, and the last three weeks have been a whirlwind of meeting new people, getting to grips with classes in another academic system and all the (sometimes boring) life admin you have to do to live somewhere new. The vast number of things I needed to do once I had arrived in Melbourne was overwhelming, so the aim of this post is to make it that little bit easier for anyone else embarking on exchange, particularly in Australia.

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