‘There is no better long-lasting education than a Placement Abroad ‘



It has been a couple of weeks since I have been back in Europe. My days have been filled up with long days of work within a U.S Company in Barcelona, Spain. Often over lunch break, I chat with my friends still in Seoul,  through the local Korean Whatsapp, KakaoTalk installed on my smartphone. They send me selfies and comments on their latest adventure. Sometimes, I happen to go through the many pictures I have taken during my exceptional experience abroad. I still cannot believe that it is me on the pictures I’m looking at. And if someone had told me a few years ago that I would live in Seoul and have a fantastic time, I would have replied, ‘Are you having a joke or something? ’. And here I am now, going through those Korean selfies with friends, having lived in East-Asia and schooled for three months in the region. Continue reading “‘There is no better long-lasting education than a Placement Abroad ‘”

‘Why South-Korea is the Best Placement Choice at The UoM’

Let’s face it, I personally choose Seoul for my study abroad destination because I had absolutely no clue what to expect. This is exactly what I was looking for as such ignorance of my host country would bring me a unique adventure, a feeling of pure discovery and great excitement. This is indeed, what happened all throughout the journey as I was always encountering new curiosities.
But not many students will make their desired destination based on such standards. Indeed, many will choose a destination because something particular attracts them about the location, culture or school. Everyone is different.

Many students were just like me and knew very little about South-Korea. As a result, I soon learnt that I was the only student from the UofM placed in Seoul. I mean why would one choose Seoul if Singapore, Hong-Kong, or Australia are on the list? Literally, because a majority of students are afraid or uninterested in the country. The culture is poorly known, the language spoken only on the peninsula, up North is a dictatorship, and who likes K-Pop anyway? Well, there are multiple reasons for sticking with South-Korea as a study abroad destination and for me, there is an obvious reason which I found interesting!

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Made in Seoul

Seoul is a city like no other, with enough stuff to do to keep you occupied for months. I thought I would share the musts of what the city has to offer. Have a look before you go 😀 Here are my personal tips for you to make the most of your experience ; )

Bukhansan National Park


Bukhansan is one of Korea’s 21 National Parks and by far the closest to Seoul. It is the perfect place to indulge in one of the biggest Korean pastimes: HIKING! You can enter from either the west or the east of the park, but I recommend the former as it is a more picturesque walk. There is also a cool hike that leads to a fortress gate that was part of a fortification during the Joseon era.

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Just Do It – Arrival in Seoul

My travelling strategy turned out to be as follows; I made absolutely no plans, absolutely none. I made zero researches, not even on Google Images. Nothing.

I have to be honest from the start. Never did I envision or dream to step on South-Korean territory in my lifetime. Neither did I expect to select this destination for my semester abroad. Most surprisingly, I’d have never thought that it would be one of the most amazing adventure I have so far known.

I’m a French citizen, born from a late French father and a mother from Ivory-Coast. In the past years, I have been fortunate enough to live and explore Western parts of the world along with some beautiful African nations. This through exchange programs, volunteering experiences, and studying abroad for both high-school and my university degree. Most importantly, I was immensely blessed to have a loving and hard-working mother whose love and support made those journeys a possibility.

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