The low-down on Greek Life

by Gabrielle Dunn – Case Western Reserve University, USA – Politics & Philosophy

Keywords: Sorority, Fraternity, Sister, Brother, Rush, Recruitment, Formal, Paying for friends

Case Western Reserve University is big on Greek Life. By this I mean that over 50% of the student population are either in a sorority or a fraternity.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a Phi Delt formal

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Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt

by Gabrielle Dunn – Case Western Reserve Univerity, USA – Politics and Philosophy

Now I’m not really a museum-kinda-gal; I would much rather learn about the culture of a place through experience rather than reading about it behind a piece of glass. BUT! a) I’m definitely a bit late in time to experience life in ancient Egypt and b) The Cleveland Museum of Art has such a reputation for being outstanding, I simply had to go.


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Cleveland Weather: -2? No Big!

Gabrielle Dunn – Case Western Reserve University, Ohio

Within the first 2 days of arriving to Case, all the new transfer/exchange students had a day long orientation tour. During this, we had those standard health and safety talks, including being told about ‘safe ride’ which is a school-run lift service that you can contact if ever you feel unsafe around campus after dark (which I thought was pretty handy).


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