Academic differences in Hong Kong

By Keir Burbidge, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


I don’t think I expected studying here in Hong Kong to be so different to being in the UK. The first major difference is that I’m doing 5 units here which take up 15 hours a week here compared to 3 units and 9 hours back home… and if anybody tells you that the courses are easier here then they are either lying or on a pass/fail year!¬† Continue reading “Academic differences in Hong Kong”

First few days

Keir Burbidge, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

With my Christmas holidays being largely non-existent because of coursework and alternative assessments my arrival in Hong Kong feels quite surreal. This is mainly because although I have known for a long time that I was going abroad it feels like it snuck up on me and I didn’t get the chance to properly say bye to all my mates. Despite having my suitcases packed I felt like I was going back to Manchester and not embarking on flight where I would leave 9am on a Wednesday and get to Hong Kong 9am the next day tired and jet-lagged but excited for the semester ahead. I was born in Hong Kong and I haven’t been back since I left when I was still a baby so on a personal note i’m gassed to be returning and experiencing life here as a student.

Definitely not a bad view from my halls

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