Blog 4: Exams, Christmas and NYC!!!!!!!

So the end of term was a little stressful. I had 5 days between my last lecture and my first exam. All my exams were on consecutive days 😦 so it wasn’t easy compared to the weeks of revision over the holidays and exam period you get in Manchester. Luckily, they all went ok and I had a few days to celebrate in Toronto before my flight home.
I was so ready and so happy to go home for two weeks. It was brilliant to see my friends and family again. I took a surprisingly long time to get over my jet lag and had to resort to Nytol! I had been warned that going home for Christmas would make going back to Toronto again a lot harder. For me this wasn’t the case. One of my school friends flew back with me and we stayed in New York for a few days before a week together in Toronto! It’s funny because while I loved being home, I found that I also really missed Toronto! I missed the weather, the shops, the cat (yes my housemate got a cat!) so really, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it could have been.

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