Hong Kong- Here I come!

By Roopa Hathi (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong).

25 August 2013

Hi readers! It is the night before I leave for Hong Kong!!

It is hard to imagine that in 24 hours from now, I will be in a different time zone and 6000 miles away from home. However, there is more to living in Hong Kong than just the distance; to me it is a life changing experience. I will learn about myself and challenge everything I have been so familiar with for the past 20 years.

Since my acceptance to Hong Kong Polytechnic University in February, I have become an expert day dreamer. My bookmarks toolbar consists of tens of different websites about Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. For a place I have no experience with, I think about it constantly.

After hundreds of lists and numerous shopping trips; I have packed my whole life into two suitcases; sorted insurance, passport, visa’s, health checkups and travelled around the country saying goodbye to my close family and friends. I didn’t really think it real when saying goodbye, it’s as if I am going to see them in a few weeks- until now that I have realised it will be a full twelve months until I see them again.

I have set myself a number of goals for the year:

Firstly, I would like to use this valuable opportunity to make worldwide friends, it’s not everyday you get to meet people from a multiple of different countries. Whether it means knocking on peoples doors, or striking conversation with a stranger; I am sure that I won’t regret it.

Secondly, I will aim to enjoy the fact that I am there to learn. In a culturally different school and setting I am interested in the contrasting style of education compared to the UK.

Thirdly, I have already caught the Far East travel bug. I hope to travel as widely as possible, and experience the volunteering, the friendships, the learning experiences that I have read about; and share them with you.

It is the differences and similarities of day to day life, when people are diverse in culture, that I will share with you through my blog.

I don’t know what to expect just yet, no matter how much I read books, blogs or look at photos; I may be more shocked than I can ever prepare for.  It is hard to predict how I will feel, or how different I will be at the end of the year. I would like to think that I will be more confident, and have had a life changing year- but I wonder how I will know. It is something intangible, something that cannot be replicated and is difficult to put into words.

I am looking forward to beginning the year, and will post some more when I arrive!

Roopa x

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