Leaving the US

After almost 6 months studying at NC State, leaving America feels difficult to process. It seems like I only got settled to all of the differences a couple of months ago – and with Spring Break, mid-terms, finals and making travel plans, time really does go by fast. Especially now that I’m sitting in the airport ahead of a 26 hour journey home!


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Eastern Travels

With finals nearing their end, I thought it would be a good time to post an update with some affordable travelling you can do during term time. The two trips I took toward the end of April cost less than $100 each for a full weekend away and meant I was able to visit Asheville, Boone and Mount Mitchell in North Carolina and fit in a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.


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Spring Break in Puerto Rico

Jake Bell, English Literature & American Studies, North Carolina State University, USA

Its safe to say that even before coming to study in America, spring break was something I was looking forward to. The week off in March (at NC State, this is Friday 3rd to Monday 13th) is a week in which everyone living on-campus must vacate halls. We decided to spend Saturday to Monday in Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory in the Caribbean.


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North Carolina State: First Impressions

Hi Manchester on the Road! I’m Jake, a second year student studying English Literature & American Studies. I’m spending my second semester studying English Literature and Political Science at North Carolina State University, in Raleigh.

Now that I’ve been at NCSU for a while I thought it’d be a good idea to do a blog post on my first impressions of the university and the city.

The first thing to overcome was the flights – I looked around for the cheapest option but that meant flying from Newcastle to London, London to Miami, and Miami to Raleigh – which took over 24 hours. I got to my dorm room at about 1am U.S. time and don’t think I’ve felt that tired before!


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