Breaking misconceptions

by Nicole Dann, Australian National University, Australia

I am officially 2 months into my exchange year at ANU in Canberra and safe to say I have been met by a few surprises. The main shock is probably how much of a Canberra fan I am and how thankful I am I was allocated ANU (even if it was my 7th choice). If you, like I was, are unsure of ANU as a location for a year abroad, I am here to tell you that you are in for a surprise. I’m also here to tell you that Tiktok is not a legit source of information that should be trusted and the best thing about Canberra is in fact not leaving it. I’m going to proceed to break down these misconceptions I once took for truths and use my experiences as a reminder that you really can’t predict what a year abroad has in store for you.

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