Back in Manchester!

I’m back in good ol’ MANCHESTER! Can’t believe it’s nearly been 4 months since I got back from my study abroad and now I’m here writing my final reflections blog. Not as pretty as Boston (below) but I definitely feel like it’s been a breeze to come back (well, third year hasn’t properly begun yet so we’ll see!)


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Oh my god study abroad is over!? And I have to write my second post just before I go sooo…

I definitely think studying abroad puts you in positions you just would never find yourself in in Manchester, which is also why you get to meet some of the great people that you definitely wouldn’t have found if you stayed at home.

When you study abroad you’ll develop confidence and independence because the getting here, doing it all as well as making an effort socially is all down to you in the end.


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What to Expect from UMass


So this again has been on my huge to do list forever and I had all these ideas of how I was going to post loads of blogs and videos etc but what I have learnt if anything from Study Abroad is that THERE IS NO TIME!!!

I’m gonna do a really quick fire round of what you need to know before going to UMASS and then include some of the great stuff I’ve been able to do whilst being here so that anyone coming her next year knows why it’s defo a good choice.


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Pre-Departure Blog // Stuff you should know before going to UMass


Hellooooo !

This blog has been on my heeeeeuuuuuge to do list before setting off for UMass and I am finally getting round to actually doing it!

Don’t worry-the other blogs about my semester abroad will be more exciting/ interesting and funny (we can hope) but as this is my ‘pre-departure’ blog as a global ambassador – I am going to give anyone heading to UMass in particular next year (might be helpful for other US unis too) some tips on what you have to get together in time to go. Because genuinely, this kind of info would have saved me hours.

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