Oh my god study abroad is over!? And I have to write my second post just before I go sooo…

I definitely think studying abroad puts you in positions you just would never find yourself in in Manchester, which is also why you get to meet some of the great people that you definitely wouldn’t have found if you stayed at home.

When you study abroad you’ll develop confidence and independence because the getting here, doing it all as well as making an effort socially is all down to you in the end.


You should defo take the opportunity to get as interested and involved as possible, as well as taking trips to everywhere n anywheree! Amherst is a great little town, but when you’ve spent months bragging about how your moving to Boston… errr not quite how I’d imagined it (there’s no shops that sell vegetables).

So even though it’s very much a campus uni and you’re constantly in this little world of halls and 24 hour food, it is good to go off and explore sometimes. I liked the campus-y aspect and not having to get a Magic Bus to lectures was great. It’s also nice because you get to see people all the time and don’t really have to try and organise your social time because everyone is where you are at the same time, all the time(!) But it is preetty far away from anything big and busy compared to a city like Manchester.

The last month or so at UMass has literally been so so so much fun and you NEED TO GO DO IT even if your doubting the opportunity. The uni puts on so many events such as cook outs and day events – we had a week of stuff put on for us. This included giant inflatable obstacle courses, a baby farm animal petting zoo (with baby goats!!) and free deep fried oreos and churros – was great.

SOOOO I’m gonna list my top 5 things/ moments of UMass/ Study Abroad Life and then I’m off to the BAHAMAS waheyyyy


  1. Red Sox Game – went to see the Tampa Bay Rays vs Red Sox – it was 32 degrees and we went on Easter day (cos all the Americans go home for Easter and it’s a family thing so we had to sort ourselves out). I have never seen more baseball hats in my life (funny that?) Probably my most American day here – also got a Tasty Burger (a classic fast food burger chain in Boston
  2.  The Dining Commons at UMass are just mad – I will probably never be able to eat that healthily/ what I want/when I want ever again – we do do more than just eat though I promise
  3. Eating something called an Elvis Breakfast – 2 chocolate chip banana pancakes sandwiched together with whipped cream, banana and peanut butter (!!!)
  4. Ski Trip – was literally so so fun and good way to meet people. Ski societies are always fun (shoutout to skum)
  5. Seeing the Patriots make SUPERBOWL HISTORY

I will get round to posting my final blog eventually when i’m back from the Bahamas !!!


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