by Tara Brougham, University of Melbourne, Australia

A big part of being on exchange is of course being in a new country, and being able to explore as much of your new home as possible. Therefore, when mid-semester break came around at the University of Melbourne me and two other exchange student friends chose to take this opportunity to explore another part of Australia – its red centre and Uluru.

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Mastering Assessments at the University of Melbourne: A Student’s Guide

By Emily Fujii Kyriakidou, University of Melbourne, Australia

Navigating the academic challenges of the University of Melbourne requires a blend of smart planning, consistent effort, and effective study techniques. Unlike the University of Manchester, the University of Melbourne’s assessment structure includes not only quizzes and assignments but also mid-semester tests that can account for 20-30% of your final grade. These mid-semester tests are crucial, as they cover a significant portion of the course content.

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A Camping Trip in the Aussie Outback

By Laura Docherty, University of New South Wales, Australia

Last weekend I was able to book onto a group camping trip in the Northern Territory, to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and go hiking in the Red Centre. It was incredible and I would definitely recommend visiting NT; it is so different from everything else I have seen in Australia!

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Life in Brisbane

By Ffion Davies, University of Queensland, Australia

It’s been almost 3 months since I arrived in Australia and I can’t believe how quick the time has gone!! I can safely say that these 3 months have been some of the best of my life. Since my last blog, I have been on a trip to Byron Bay with QUEST (International exchange society) and it happened to be my birthday this weekend too! I had the best time. I’ve also been camping in North Stradbroke Island, where we saw loads of kangaroos and a koala, Moreton Island, as well as a trip to Noosa with the society.

QUEST has given me the chance to meet some amazing, like-minded people who will be friends for life! I also watched one of the Women’s World Cup games as the stadium was only a 10-minute train journey from my flat. As well as watching my first Australian football game. Both were great experiences!

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Aussie Adventures: Prepping You for Down Under!

By Honor Cessford, Australian National University

Things I wish I knew before moving to Australia

If you are considering studying down under, here are several things I wish I had known before I moved to Australia:

Australia is Vast and Diverse: Covering over three million square miles, Australia’s size rivals that of the entire European continent. This significant size has implications for travel and transportation so is necessary to keep it in mind when planning trips & transportation.

Australia’s Varied Climate: Contrary to the assumption that Australia is always warm, there are distinct seasons. Winters can be quite cold, especially in places like Canberra where temperatures can drop significantly – when I landed in July it was -5 degrees! If you are after a warmer climate, Brisbane enjoys a tropical climate, while Melbourne is infamous for its “four seasons in one day.”

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Coffee Crawl: Uncovering Melbourne’s Hidden Gems

by Emily Fujii Kyriakidou, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Hey fellow caffeine lovers! If you’re on a quest for the perfect pastry to go with your latte or just a cozy corner to chill between classes, you’re in for a treat. Here’s my roundup of Melbourne’s comfy cafes that won’t break your bank.

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Life at College

By Tara Brougham, University of Melbourne, Australia

Choosing accommodation for your year abroad is one of the most stressful and time consuming tasks, made even trickier by the fact you are likely organising it all from home. In Melbourne there are three main options for accommodation: a sharehouse (usually found through facebook), private student accommodation (such as UniLodge) or a college. I chose the third option, and live at Trinity College.

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My First Australian Road Trip

By Laura Docherty, University of New South Wales, Australia

Having been in Sydney for over a month now, I have really started to settle in and get to grips with life down under! I wanted to make sure I use my free time as wisely as possible whilst I’m here and go on as many trips as I can; the first of which was a road trip down the coast to Jervis Bay. 

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My experience of housing in Melbourne

By Ezmee Wyatt, University of Melbourne, Australia

This is a view of the Yarra River, which was right next to my hostel.

This is my first blog post after being in Melbourne for just over 2 months. I arrived on the 8th of July after a 24-hour flight, and felt ready to embark on this adventure. It has been such a whirlwind of experiences; I have only now found time to sit down and begin to reflect.

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Manly- A New Beach Spot!

By Mia Campbell, University of New South Wales, Australia

Moving to the other side of the world, it is easy to become a sheep; following the tourist hot spots which Bondi and Coogee have to offer. Since I have been here, by meeting new people and becoming more integrated with the local community this has opened me up to other less typical treasures Sydney has to offer.

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Things I WISH I knew and SORTED before I arrived in Sydney

By Mia Campbell, University of New South Wales, Australia

Studying abroad on the other side of the world is already daunting, so it is important to feel at home swiftly. Admittedly this does take time, but the list I will commence is a faster next step in the right direction.

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🌆 5 Essential Things to Do As Soon as You Arrive in Melbourne 🌆

by Emily Fujii Kyriakidou, University of Melbourne, Australia

Capturing the Pulse of Melbourne

Hello future scholars in Melbourne! 🎓 This city is a treasure trove of cultural richness and educational prowess. Before diving into all it offers, here are five essential tasks to get you started:

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