Back in Manchester!

I’m back in good ol’ MANCHESTER! Can’t believe it’s nearly been 4 months since I got back from my study abroad and now I’m here writing my final reflections blog. Not as pretty as Boston (below) but I definitely feel like it’s been a breeze to come back (well, third year hasn’t properly begun yet so we’ll see!)


I thought I’d again just emphasise how amazing and great doing study abroad was and you definitely should not let anything hold you back from doing it. I know some people that didn’t even apply due to relationships, friends etc – and they regret it now. If you have these kinds of worries STOP RIGHT THERE and don’t let it affect your decision to apply for study abroad.

It’ll all work out in the end annnnnd once you’re back in Manchester and you realise everything and everyone has stayed exactly the same while you’ve been having the best time ever! In addition to that – you get the BEST reaction from your uni friends

The end of my study abroad was probably the best part. You really solidify your friends and by the end I was actually so sad to leave. However, I’m glad to be back in Manchester now and settled straight back in.

My advice on returning is – don’t forget your American pals because it’s always nice to have friends across the pond that if you need to ever go stay or want to you can ! We’ve all kept in touch so far and one of our friends already came to England for a bit! (they loooooove the accent remember)

pals umass

Basically – get yourself sorted, don’t worry about it and it goes very very fast so really make the most of it! I had a bit of a slow start if you remember reading my first blog but by the end I felt like the time was flying by!

If I haven’t sold it to you enough yet – I went to the Bahamas for £100 for a week at the end.

bahama shells

Sold? I thought so.



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