Melbourne’s Dollar Worthy Brunches

By Lauren Howie, The University of Manchester

So you’ve found yourself in culinary heaven … but you don’t know where to start? Have no fear, a Melbourne brunch guide is here.


Melbourne is world renowned for its excellent coffee and mouth watering brunches. From perfectly poached eggs to vegan cheese boards and bacon infused waffles; there’s really no limit to these cafes’ potential! With great difficulty I’ve wilted down my 5 favourite brunch spots.

Faraday’s Cage

1. Lentil As Anything

Like the unique city of Melbourne, Lentil as Anything is an innovative space bursting with culture and passion. The not-for-profit organisation offers a ‘pay as you feel’ service that aims to break down economic barriers and promote community cohesion. The canteen serves incredible vegan cuisine from every corner of the globe, enabling neighbours from all dietary, cultural and financial backgrounds to share a meal together. If you’re inspired by the cause then join the amazing staff that volunteer in the kitchen, busk in the evenings and graffiti the interior walls!

2. Faraday’s Cage

Tucked away in a cozy terrace on Gore St, Fitzroy this artisan bakery is sure to leave you wanting more. Try their hot smoked salmon corn fritters, or if you’re really stumped why not order the ‘Can’t Decide Breakfast Board’ that boasts a selection of smashed avo, poached eggs, sourdough toast, arancini (rice balls – don’t worry I wasn’t sure either) granola, croissants and house pressed orange juice! If I haven’t already sold it to you take a lil looky at the pic below…

‘Can’t Decide Breakfast Board’

3. Grub Fitzroy

Bursting with wacky decor and a jungle of plants, Grub Fitzroy is the perfect spot to waste away your Sunday afternoon. During the summer you can find a glimmering metallic van serving fresh juices and cocktails in the courtyard. In the colder months (yes sadly these do also exist in Australia) you can cozy up with a dirty chai latte and one of their TO DIE FOR cakes.

4. Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

If you are a lover of all things round, cheesy and dripping in tomato sauce then look no further. Situated in the famous Italian neighbourhood of Carlton, this pizzeria is what dreams are made of. Garnish your soul with fennel sausages, swiss chard or pineapple. There’s truly a topping for everyone!

Leonardo’s Vegan Pizza

5. Parco

Defying all notions of space, Parco is perhaps the only cafe you will find on a traffic island. Nestled beside Argyle square, the converted power station serves all day breakfast snacks with innovative asian twists! Be sure to wash your brunch down with a PB banana maple smoothie or an adventurous Vietnamese coffee.

Parco Milkshake and Breakfast Bap
Parco Power Station

Thats all from me! Farewell fellow foodies, I hope you discover your favourite brunch spot x

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