My first few weeks in Amsterdam

By Frazer Randalls (Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

So I’ve bought my bike, a must-have living in Amsterdam. It took me a week to find, scouting about the many markets for a cheap bike that still had both wheels. So when I found mine, a golden shambles of a bike, I snapped it up for just €40, a bargain! However, on cycling my bike home the pedal broke off and I discovered the brakes didn’t work. Next time I think I’ll be test riding it…

As far as the university is concerned, it has taken me a while to get used to locations of the many different buildings that are embedded within the centre of the city. That’s not to say that I’m irritated by this at all, walking and cycling around the city is a real joy, and getting lost normally just means a walk along what have been sunny canals. Although, being a tourist or somewhat not used to this city can be frantic, with trams, buses, cars, hundreds of people, thousands of bikes all waiting to ring their bells and shout at you if you get in their way. I thought the Dutch weren’t meant to be liberal, but when it comes to transport there far from it.

I have all ready taken the opportunity to travel out of Amsterdam, travelling to Zandvoort Beach just 25 minutes away to make the most of the uncharacteristically hot weather. Whilst the water was freezing, the imported sand made for a comfortable spot to relax and reflect. We were also lucky enough to see more of the amazing art that the Netherlands, and particularly Amsterdam, has to offer, through the medium of sand:

sand face 2

Two weeks have passed now and I’m starting to relax in my apartment, but I am still filled with enthusiasm for what’s to come. My flatmate and I have planned to run a 10k race and I am genuinely excited to see what the city and university have to offer.

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