Top 5 FREE things to do in Helsinki

As a Nordic Country Finland is no doubt very expensive to live and so it can be costly to even socialise with your friends in your free time but there are things to do in Helsinki (believe it or not) that are free – disregarding the small transport fee needed to reach particular destinations.

  1. Visit the Cathedrals

Helsinki Cathedral
The Helsinki Cathedral is the most impressive landmark in the city, located along the northern side, the grand building dominates the Senate Square. With its white pillars, blue domes dotted with golden stars and statues of the twelve apostles along the roof, it is definitely the perfect selfie spot. Free of charge!

Uspenski Cathedral
The Uspenski Cathedral is a short walk away from the Helsinki Cathedral. With its golden tones and redbrick face, the cathedral symbolises the Russian impact on Finland in the past. Free of charge!

2. Sompasauna


Sompasauna is the perfect spot for the quintessential Finnish sauna experience. The sauna is open 24 hours a day and it’s a fun way to spend an evening with your friends and if you’re daring enough jump in the Baltic sea after sweating it out in the sauna. Free of charge!

3. Nuuksio national park

Nuuksio national park

Nuuksio is one of many Finland’s national parks, you can either reach the national park via bus or a short train journey (at a short cost). There are many different trails that take you through the scenic woodlands and lakes. There is also the chance to hire bikes, go horse-riding, visit a reindeer park and even walk an alpaca – of course this cost comes at a cost. Free of charge (excluding the transport fee and the optional activities).

4. Helsinki City Museum
There are plenty of museums in the city centre with free admission but my favourite is the Helsinki city museum. The museum documents and displays the history of Helsinki as well as featuring personal memories and everyday life of the city’s residents. Free of charge!

5. Suomenlinna

Soumenlinna – The Sea Fortress

Suomenlinna is a must visit and has free entry (despite the small ferry fare). Sumonelinna is the Finnish Sea Fortress perched on an island. The sea fortress is a world heritage site, unique for its military architecture. The island also has historical buildings, a church, museums and numerous cafes/restaurants. Free of charge!

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