Things to take Advantage of Whilst at Lund

Over the course of your time at Lund there will be many opportunities that I would recommend making the absolute most of. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus I was unable to experience some of these, but they are amongst events that ‘make’ people’s time in Lund. These include white-tie balls,  tandem (where students cycle from Gothenburg to Lund on a tandem bike whilst people follow along on a party bus) and Kvalborg (a weekend in late April/early May where the beginning of summer is celebrated where everyone is in the city’s parks together)


ESN stands for the Erasmus Student Network. This is an organisation who run trips and activities for students across Erasmus universities. You don’t have to be on an Erasmus exchange to make use of the organisation. They run activities such as yoga, sittnings, pub crawls, games nights, local hikes and trips to national parks, in addition to trips abroad. During my time at Lund, ESN had trips to Lapland (both Finnish and Swedish), the Norwegian Fjords, Iceland, a cruise to Helsinki, St Petersburg and Tallinn. I believe the variety of trips can change but these are the types that can happen. I personally went to many of their events, as pictured below.

Student Nations

A major part of student life at Lund University is the student nations. This part of the university is run by students for students. There are 13 student nations at Lund which are dotted about the city. The nations are a really good way of getting involved and meeting people. When you join a nation, there are novisch weeks where you often get a mentor group who you prep for the week’s events with. Also, if you decide to work for a nation, which many people do, you can meet lots of people like this. The nations host a range of events also, such as yoga G&T, pizza nights, film nights, Mario kart nights in addition to pubs and clubs.

Mentor Groups

As an international novisch student, you will have the opportunity to be a part of a variety of mentor groups. These include the international mentor groups, facility-specific mentor groups as well as the nation mentor groups. I would say these are a very good way to meet people and keep yourself busy for the first few weeks at least. Even if you do not go to all of the events that are available to you, it is good to know they are there. The mentor groups often do a range of activities such as going to the beach, sittnings, tours of the city amongst many others as a way to ensure everyone and anyone can be involved.

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