Top Tacos in Madrid

By Aleksandra Budd, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

For the first 3 months of being in Madrid, my house mates and I started ‘Taco Tuesday’. The idea was to find the best taco spots in Madrid.

Several ‘Taco Tuesday’s’ later and we decided these are our favourite taco spots in Madrid.

*€ 10€ for 6 tacos on average // €€ > 10€ for 6 tacos

1. Takos al Pastor (€)

The best taco spot in Madrid!

Be prepared to queue for a while (around about 30 minutes) but the 1€ tacos are well worth the wait!

My personal recommendation: the Al Pastor (pork), the Aracherra taco (beef) and the quesadilla vegetariana (veggie).

P.S. they also serve the best sparkling mango drink (a pre-sugar-tax type flavour) – just ask for ‘un refresco de mango’.

2. Takomama (€)

Another top spot for tacos!

The best tacos are the the Al Pastor (pork), the Aracherra taco (beef) and the Suadero (beef).

As for veggies, I’d definitely go for the quesadilla vegeteriana. Or if you fancy something different, the ‘Nopal con Queso’ taco is so good (it’s cheese and cactus!).

3. La Mordida Calle Segovia (€€)

La Mordida has the most amazing atmosphere, decor and music (plus on Sundays’ there is a live Mariachi band).

Their menu is full of traditional foods and drinks (do yourself a favour and order a margarita – you can thank me later)

If you’re a cheese lover, you need to get the ‘Nachos con Guacamole’… prepare for the best cheese pull of your life!

4. Mezcalería Alambique Restaurante (€€)

I highly recommend going on a Friday, alongside amazing food they have a live mariachi band performing.

The totopos (nachos) are must. And if you fancy a drink, they serve amazing margaritas in skull shaped glasses.

5. Sal Mestiza (€€)

There are an abundance of different, delicious Mexican dishes on the menu but the tacos take the number one spot. The ‘deputy’ tacos – filled with shrimp, cheese and caramelised onion – are a must have here!

All their cocktails and drinks are phenomenal. The cocktails are made with Mezcal (an agave based liquor) – the most popular choice is the ‘Mezcamaica’.

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