Sadly, you have to go home some day…

By Helen Sheldon (Stony Brook University,  New York, USA).

So, in a flash I went from this…

NY Christmas

To this…

Rainy Manchester

Need I say any more on how it feels to have come to the end of my study abroad adventure?

The crystal blue skies above Bryant Park ice skating rink are a long distant memory as I sit here writing this in Manchester with the rain and wind battering my window.. It is great to be back with my friends and to be able to see my family after such a long time, however there will always be a part of me that wishes I was back in NY! I have well and truly caught the travelling bug, however the concept of travelling to Newcastle of Glasgow for the weekend is no match for my past trips of popping to Boston or Philadelphia or Montreal in my spare time! I am now constantly on the look out for more opportunities that may arise for me to fly off to some other far away destination for yet another adventure!

There are so many things I learnt whilst studying abroad and I experienced so many things I will never forget. I could reel off advice on “how to make the most of your study abroad” however the main thing I can say is.. Apply, and go and enjoy yourself!! Your life will take turns you never imagined and you are guaranteed to meet people you will never forget. Rainy Manchester will always be there for you when you return – don’t let anything deter you from the best time of your life with the chance of studying abroad!

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