Returning to Manchester

By Sarah Winspear (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

So I returned to the UK about a month ago following the most amazing year abroad. When I got accepted on the study abroad programme I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. One of the bigger unexpected experiences was working at a camp over summer for people with disabilities in America. Study abroad opened up this opportunity for me as I had no summer plans and figured that since I was already in North America (Canada) that this would be a great way to prolong my time abroad while experiencing a different culture and broadening my perspectives. I just thought this was worth mentioning to show that there are many things that can be done after your time abroad and other options post-study.

I’ve been back in Manchester for a week now, had my welcome back meeting and am preparing for fourth year. It kind of feels like I’ve never been away; it’s easy to settle back in. I was a little apprehensive that being with people from the year below in Geography would be a little strange, and that a lot of my friends would have graduated, but with Geography there are many returning study abroaders so that isn’t an issue. As well, many of my other friends are still here as they’re doing masters or were away last year doing a year in industry or study abroad. Being back with Manchester friends feels like we’ve never been apart and we just picked up where we left off.

Overall, study abroad was amazing and, as much as I do miss UBC and Canada, it feels great to be back and with my friends again in Manchester!

Now it’s just time for the work of final year to kick in!

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