University of Toronto Exams

By Nicole Rankine (University of Toronto, Canada)

I realise that it’s been a very long time since I last posted about my time here in Canada, and honestly I just completely forgot. However, since my last blog I have had a busy, busy month, and plan to make up for that lost time by detailing everything about Torontonian life, as well as my travels outside of the city. Today, however, I want to focus on the academic side of things, particularly looking at the exams here, and how they differ from exams back in Manchester.

Now, the first thing to mention about University of Toronto exams is that revision almost seems constant, with mid-terms appearing around the corner every month or so (although this might just be for my course). However, I think it is worth highlighting that this isn’t necessarily bad at all. In fact, I find that after having several mid-terms throughout the semester so far, I have been forced to keep up with my work, which has thus prepared me for my upcoming final exams. This has, therefore, saved me from enduring the end-of-year stress that would usually arise after slacking off on studying throughout the rest of the semester.

Another point worth making about academic life here is in regards to the exam format, which, in my opinion, is far easier than the exams back in Manchester. For instance, rather than writing a massive essay on a topic, here you are given a paper with a series of multiple choice and short answer questions. This format is particularly helpful when it comes to completing the exam on time, whilst also giving you a greater understanding of how well you did after finishing. For me, this takes out a lot of the suspense that comes around when getting your papers back.

Despite the increased work-load here, I have found that it hasn’t prevented me from having a life outside of my studies. In fact, with the temptations of nearby shops, a gym (free for University students) with an Olympic size swimming pool, and all the other attractions that this city offers, I hardly ever seem to spend a whole day stuck in my room with only textbooks for company. My time here is flying by so fast, and I will definitely be sad to say good-bye.

My next blog, which I will try to post later this week, will focus on my travels to Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.

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