Adapting to life back at Manchester 

Greetings viewers, today is the 17th of October, I have been quite busy catching up with work and deadlines, and applying for masters. I honestly cannot believe how fast time flies by me just when I was busy adapting and enjoying the American way of life and forming my close circle of friends over at Umass. I am currently sitting in Starbucks down on Oxford Road, reflecting on my time at Umass and looking around at the familiar Starbucks I usually study at since first year, the very place I had received my acceptance letter to UMass one year ago today. I feel as though a lot has changed in Manchester, but at the very same time, I feel as though nothing has. I want to reflect on adapting to life back in Manchester after being abroad for a semester because I know some students are probably excited to be back in Manchester to see their friends, their family, the familiar university place, and the good ol’ quids in Monday night at Factory club and of course I can’t forget the good old sausage rolls at Greggs (I miss sausage rolls from Greggs while I was away can you believe it? ). However, on the other hand, there are probably students, like myself, who are getting the post-exchange blues. So in this blog, I will tell you some of the things I was not expecting to experience being back in Manchester.1.jpg

  1. Sometimes, you will feel as though you have never left Manchester and your time abroad was all just a dream
  2. As unbelievable as it sounds, if you believe in soulmate connections, you might just find your soulmate and meet some of the coolest and most compatible friends while you are abroad. For instance, I spent the night Skyping my best friend whom I met during my time abroad at Umass in the learning commons just the other day, while she was sitting in WEB DU BOIS library over at Umass. I had also met my significant other while I was abroad in the States, so if you don’t take the chance, you never know what you are missing out on!
  3. You will miss American food and the Friday after lecture drive thru’s at Dunkin donuts ! Especially UMASS food! Whoever is doing a semester abroad at Umass, please do yourself a favor and enjoy Berk dining hall and don’t get too crazy on sushi and wok!  I would also recommend Anotonio’s pizza, momo and bubble tea at VIVI
  4. American college workload is more like breadth, not depth, and Manchester workload is the complete opposite, so being back in Manchester, suddenly, I feel like the readings feel a lot harder, but my willingness to ask questions and engage in class discussions have actually improve ever since being back in Manchester
  5. You have to start getting used to the English accent and slangs
  6. At least back in Manchester, the magic bus can take you everywhere whereas at Umass, you have to drive to places, or you can take the free buses that take you from North Amherst to the city center
  7. Peter Pan bus is a MUST if you are planning on travelling to Boston or New York
  8. At least the weather in Manchester isn’t as cold and we don’t use fahrenheit
  9. You will probably, like myself, have post-study abroad blues, but think of the reasons why you chose to study in Manchester in the first place and remember, there are two sides to everything so enjoy Manchester while you can, and remember, you can always go back to your exchange university to visit your friends and the place !

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