Stony Brook University, NY- 3 Days To Go..

By Helen Sheldon (Stony Brook University, New York, USA).

If you haven’t yet had chance to read the mini description on my profile, I will give you a quick summary of who I am, what I’m doing, and where I’m going..

I’m Helen, and am entering my second year of studying Pharmacology. I am studying abroad for one semester at Stony Brook University which is situated on Long Island, in New York, and currently have only 3 days left in the UK before I take my flight to the Big Apple!

My suitcase is currently lying open on the floor, empty, aside from my cats asleep in it who seem to have taken a liking to its interior.. I have the typical “to pack” list, however the thought of actually filling the suitcase and choosing which handbags, which dresses, which shoes, which scarfs, which jackets etc etc to take, is a slightly daunting task! I’m not normally one to travel light – I would take the whole content of my wardrobe and bedroom if I could..

Looking back on the whole process of applying for the study abroad exchange, it has been quite lengthy! Being accepted onto the exchange program and then planning my journey to and from the USA, applying for my student VISA, choosing courses to study whilst abroad, tackling many timetable clashes, and navigating a new student portal were just some of the tasks that took much time and patience to complete!

The thought of planning to move abroad to study was, admittedly, very daunting at the beginning. However it must be said that the staff at the University of Manchester’s study abroad unit and those at Stony Brook University couldn’t have been more helpful! I have honestly never come across a bunch of people so efficient at replying to emails and so willing to help with any problem you may come across. The opportunity to travel and study abroad is too good to miss, especially when there is such a good support network with you the whole way.

I fly from Manchester airport early Monday morning, and after 8 hours of sitting on a plane watching films and eating sweets (It’s a hard life..) I will spend two nights in a hotel in NY Times Square, before taking the Long Island Rail Road to Stony Brook University on the Wednesday! I look forward to sharing my travelling tales with you!


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