Why I chose to Study at the University of Queensland

by Cam Kruger, University of Queensland, Australia

I have always been a keen traveller and inclined to travel the world, so taking part in the study abroad programme seemed like a no brainer to me. After many hours of researching the university destinations as part of the UoM study abroad programme, Australia stood out to me the most, especially Queensland.

Not to mention, University of Queensland (UQ) is Brisbane’s most prestigious university and is ranked as one of Australia’s best research universities. I am a third year Criminology student and the courses that were offered to me particularly fascinated me and were unique to my course in Manchester.

UQ offers hundreds of clubs and societies to join, and many which caught my eye. QUEST society, International Student Society, Scuba Diving Society and Beach Volleyball are a few of many which I was particularly excited to join.

Brisbane is centrally located and is the best-positioned city to explore Australia’s big attractions, such as the Great Barrier Reef and coastal beaches, and is only a short flight from some of Australia’s best-known cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. As I am a keen traveller, this is another reason why I chose to study in Queensland.

Brisbane is also well-known for plenty of beaches, a variety of cultural attractions and is a diverse city, referred to as the Sunshine State. If this alone doesn’t sell it to you, I don’t know what will!!! Living in England my whole life and studying in Manchester, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new and develop new life long personal skills.

I enjoy warm climates and being adventurous and therefore studying in Australia was always a great opportunity for me to travel the country as well as, neighbouring countries, such as New Zealand and Fiji.

Although studying in Queensland always scared me, as it is so far from home and out of my comfort zone, I always knew that it would be an unforgettable experience and that I would make life-long friends from all over the world, who I would be able to visit after university. Leaving my friends and family was always going to be the hardest part, but they are only a call away, and you only live once, so just DO IT!

If you’re hesitant to study abroad and are scared of the unknown, my best advice is to just GO FOR IT!! What is really the worst that is going to happen?

You will LOVE it.

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