More news from Perth!

By Megan Hitchcock (University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia).

As I had trouble uploading my first post it went up a lot later than it was meant to, as I have now been in Perth two and a half weeks! I’ve had a week of uni here, but it already feels like I’ve been here forever! I already feel so settled and have met some amazing people, and even uni isn’t that bad! I’m already noticing the differences between Manchester and UWA in terms of uni. I have seminars and tutorials here for psychology, which I never had at home, and assessment is continuous – we even get marks for attendance! The campus here is beautiful – so big and green, but very confusing! A lot different than Manchester where pretty much everything is off one main road!

I moved into college – the best decision I made about coming to Australia, and instantly met some great people and was thrown into Aussie college life! We had a week when just the international students moved in, so all got to know each other then all the Aussies returned and the mayhem began! So far this has included quiz nights, toga parties, amazing formal dinners and inter-college netball just to name a few!   I’m slowly getting used to just how expensive Perth is – as supposedly the most expensive place to live in the Southern Hemisphere it is definitely living up to it’s title! However, I’m trying to let that take a backseat and taking in every part of my home for the next year. The best bit – I LIVE SO CLOSE TO THE BEACH! The photo below is taken on Cottesloe Beach – in the middle of winter! I am still getting to terms with the idea that 25 degrees is winter here and just how hot summer will be!   This first few weeks have been absolutely incredible, so I hope that the rest of the year follows in the same way! I am off now to play netball but will post again soon with my next update!


Trinity College – International Welcome Formal Dinner – Semester 2, 2013, Cottersloe Beach & Toga Party




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