North Carolina – Getting Ready To Go

So this is my first post before leaving England to head to North Carolina State University  (NCSU) as its also known to become a member of the NC State Wolfpack. Currently I’m just sitting here staring at a rather sizeable pile of clothes but other than packing I think everything is good to go. My passport isn’t due to expire for a few years, I have my student visa, my health records, I’ve paid for my halls of residence, health insurance and all other fees that you have to. So as far as all the physical things I need and paperwork goes I’m all set. I’ve also toured/been dragged around the country saying goodbye to relatives and friends as I’m planning on staying out here for Christmas and other holidays. I figure whilst I’m out here I might as well explore as much of it as possible and I have some very kind people willing to take me in for things such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although I am currently avoiding packing I don’t think its really hit that I’m leaving for this long, at the moment it just feels like I’m off on holiday. perhaps this is due to their term starting well before a time when I would expect to be going to university. But I’m sure once I get there and I get into my room and meet my room-mate and start the whole orientation process it will sink in.

I have been travelling before on my own on a gap year but this feels very different. I guess that was all fun whilst this, while still being very fun (I hope anyway) has so many other aspects to it. I am really excited to be actually living somewhere though rather than just passing through and grabbing the highlights. In my head I do have an idea of what studying in the U.S., or at least college life, will be like thanks mostly to watching too much film and TV, so I’m looking forward to seeing which of the stereotypes are true and which are false. But no matter whether a lot of these pre conceived notions turn out to be true I know there are going to be many changes coming my way: the constant assessment of the American system, having a room-mate, college sports and actual sun and warmth in North Carolina (which should make a nice change from Manchester).

But alas these clothes won’t pack themselves, so enough of my rambling for now. There’ll be plenty more of it to come over the rest of the year and hopefully slightly more informative and full of adventures and advice. So for now I’ll just leave you with this sentiment… Bring it on!

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