Top Ten

By Lisa Scott (Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada).

Four days ago I completed my final exam of the fall semester at Queen’s University and now it is time for me to embrace on a four week vacation in North America, which I am extremely looking forward to. As the semester is over and a lot of my new friends are leaving (they were only on exchange for a semester). I decided now would be a perfect time for me to reflect on my favourite and most memorable moments of the semester.

So here is my top ten (not in any particular order);

1 – Celebrating my 21st Birthday in one of Canada’s largest Cities – Toronto

2 – Visiting Niagara Falls – one of the natural wonders of the world


3 – Frosh week – A whole new meaning to the first week of university and a great way to make friends


4 – Halloween – Including some crazy fancy dress parties and a trip to a pumpkin field


5 – Wine tour and Sand dunes – Going on a wine tour and stopping for lunch to enjoy the beautiful sand dunes in the same area


6 – Visiting Montreal – My whole flat from residence decided to go on a group trip to Montreal

7 – Homecoming – This is a Queen’s tradition and occurred over two weekends and everyone dressed up in Queen’s clothing. It gives alumni the opportunity to return to campus and celebrate their success. The Alumni were really great to talk to and some of them even joined us when we were partying.

8 – The lead up to Christmas – Everyone in my flat starting wearing their Christmas jumpers, we went to visit Santa (turns out your never too old) and we had a big Christmas dinner


9 – Meeting people from all over the globe, e.g. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Germany, and Spain to name a few

10 – Jumping in Lake Ontario on glorious sunny days

I have had an excellent semester at Queen’s University and I am thoroughly excited to see what the winter semester will bring.

Happy Holidays

Mid-Terms, Halloween and Diwali in Hong Kong!

By Roopa Hathi (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong).

4 November 2013

Hi all!

I have been in Hong Kong for over two months now, but it literally feels like two weeks- It is all flying by waaaay too fast!

I have settled in really well, everyone is super friendly and I am making new friends everyday!

The past few weeks have been really busy for me, I have had three mid term tests, and multiple deadlines so had been feeling the pressure of studying over here! It is quite difficult to approach and exam here, since I was unsure of what they expect and how they are going to mark- but hopefully they went well.

On a brighter note, I noticed that the people in Hong Kong LOVE Halloween. I live in a student halls building with 21 floors, and at least 250 students on each floor; and each year they all take part in an event called “Haunted Houses”.

In this, each floor creates a haunted house in their common room, and around 10 bedrooms, and there is a competition between each floor of whose Haunted House is the scariest!

To be honest, I was definitely not expecting anything remotely scary, and just thought it was for fun- but how I was wrong!!  They put a huge amount of effort into it, and everyone came together to celebrate Halloween! It was a really fun evening, and being led in the dark by the local students into the haunted houses was definitely an experience I won’t forget! They used a whole range of tools, glow in the dark paints, used themselves as actors, tasks for us to complete before we could move on to the next room and even slides made from bin bags and mattresses; and you didn’t know where you would end up!

I have posted some pictures below of some of the activities and effort that they put into it! It was definitely one of the best Halloweens I have had in my life!


This past week has also been Diwali, the Indian festival of light. I am a Hindi and since I was not at home with my family to celebrate;a few friends and I went to a temple to celebrate. Again, I was not expecting the large effort and scale of celebration here. The temple was beautifully lit up, and there was so many people there celebrating! It was a really nice experience to be able to go to a temple in another country, and still know that you are all celebrating the same thing together; even though we are used to completely different environments. I have also posted some pictures below!




Roopa x