Fitting In

Salma Rana, Queen’s University

During my year at Queen’s, there was a huge variety of ways to get involved with both the University community and the larger Kingston community.


I am very much involved with the Muslim community at University of Manchester (shout to Manchester ISOC!). However, I quickly realized that Muslims are a true minority in Kingston, Ontario. Even more than any place I have been to in England. There is only one mosque. Nevertheless, I quickly realized something else: the love in this community is one of a kind. The transport links to the mosque aren’t too good, so it can be difficult to get there, but QUMSA (Queen’s Muslim Student Association) do a lot to make sure students are truly catered for. From hosting congregation prayers, regular lectures, socials and charity events. Continue reading “Fitting In”

Go Devils! My first two weeks in Arizona.

Hello all! This is officially my first blog post. I’m two weeks into my international exchange experience. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I’m just now beginning to catch up with my life outside of here, and have the chance to reflect and take it all in. Where to begin with what has happened so far?!


One of the infamous palm walks on campus featuring me!

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Chemical Engineering: Manchester and Maryland Perspectives

I have also written the post comparing UK and US education system in general in my personal blog, if you are interested. You can find it here:

I have finally reached my second month in the US. Sorry for not updating earlier! Life is HECTIC here, I feel like I’m taking 8 classes instead of 5. But hey, chemical engineers are supposed to survive in any environment. Here I want to talk about the differences about chemical engineering courses, specifically between University of Maryland, College Park and University of Manchester. Some comparisons will just between universities, but there will be some comparisons that are influenced by the whole US vs UK thing since the universities are located in 2 different continents across the Atlantic.

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