Off to Aus!

By Anna Powell (University of Melbourne, Australia).

Preparations: 07/07/2013

Leading up to my departure the time has flown by and the only thing on my mind has been moving to Melbourne. About 10 times a day I stop what I’m doing, look at/text Mum and say something like: “Toothbrush! I need to put toothbrush on the Australia list!” As you can imagine, ‘The Australia List’ is getting rather long and I only have a few days left now to tick everything off. This, along with trying to see friends and family as much as possible, is making me feel a bit hassled. I wish I’d sorted my packing out much earlier, so that I could just relax and enjoy these last few days at home without constantly feeling like I’ve forgotten something. Or without casting my mind to the mountain of hopeful clothes piled on my bedroom floor, compared to the less optimistic size of my suitcase. Inevitably, at some point, the two will clash. And it’s not going to be pretty.

I’m getting very close to leaving now and the time has come for the goodbyes to begin. I’m feeling quite emotional actually! The lead up to going away has felt pretty rushed. It’s been like, exams, done. Post exams partying, done.  “See you” uni friends, done. “Hi again” family and home friends, done. Holiday, done. Packing for Melbourne, done. And now it’s “see you family and home friends” time… but I don’t feel quite ready yet. I’ve only been home in total about two weeks! Ideally I’d have liked to have time to settle down after the highs and lows of leaving uni behind before leaving, but instead I still feel overwhelmed.

Goodbyes: 10/07/2013

I had my friends over last night for a goodbye barbeque and any worries I’d been having about leaving have been erased. I think it’s because I’m finalllyyyy packed, but also because everyone’s so excited for me! We had such a fun evening, I hadn’t seen a few of them since getting back from uni but honestly, it felt like no time at all. Which makes me think it’s going to be exactly the same with me going to Australia. When I get back nothing will be different, which I think was what I was worrying about, having not seen them properly for so long. When it came to saying goodbye to everyone it really was more of an excited “see you!” which was much more cheerful than I was anticipating. They’re so cute; they’ve given me a big brown envelope with my name on it to take with me. Apparently I’m not allowed to open it until I miss them. I hope that’s not too soon!


Departure: 11/07/2013

Finally, it’s departure time, and I’m currently sat waiting for my flight. It’s worked out nicely really, my flight isn’t until 9pm, so Mum, Dad, Beth (big sis) and I went for a leisurely lunch at a nearby pub before they dropped me off at the airport. It’s been such a gorgeous day, so I’ve been feeling pretty excited/happy. Basically, life is good! Ok, I had a little cry in the car after Gran and Grandad waved me off from home, but that was inevitable. Apart from that I’m feeling great. Just got off the phone to my friend Megan (Who’s going to Perth!!) and that has got me ridiculously excited now. Also, I feel very adventurous and I am enjoying the idea of flying solo. It feels so independent, I like it!  Right I’d better go, I should probably go to my gate… but I’ll keep you posted! Eeeek!!

Anna x

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