Canada here I come…

By Lisa Scott (Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada).

Visa… Check

Accommodation booked…..Check

Flights booked…….Check

A fully prepared exchange student….Pending

Preparing to set off on a once in a lifetime opportunity to a new country can not only be very exciting but also very scary. As my departure date draws closer, I have started to say my goodbyes and suddenly feel emotional at the fact that it may be a year before I see most of these people again. However, the one thing that makes saying goodbye easier is that everyone is excited for me… probably more so than I am myself.

Whilst I’m sitting here writing this blog, a small pile of clothes (about ten tops) is sitting on my bedroom floor ready to be packed into my suitcase (I’ve bought one of those worlds lightest suitcases), so as far as my packing goes I am fairly disorganised. However, I feel the rest of my preparations for my exchange to Canada have gone well and I should, ‘fingers crossed’, have a hassle free transition to my new University. I have cancelled my phone contract and unlocked my phone, ordered my Canadian dollars and a Travelex cash card (I’ve heard they are great for travelling), ordered photo prints to decorate my bedroom with and also booked accommodation, so all in all, I’ve done a lot.

So, watch this space and hopefully next time you hear from me I will have some exciting stories to tell you about my journey and transition to Queens University, Canada.

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