Happy Year of the Horse!

By Roopa Hathi (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong).

Hey all,

So sorry for my lack of blog posts recently – I have been caught up in the excitement of returning to Hong Kong after Christmas back at home, and most importantly, with Chinese New Year!

Since the last time I wrote to you, I have been on holiday to Shanghai and Bali, had a few exams and had to say goodbye to all of the great friends I made!  After the most amazing first six months in Hong Kong, and having to say goodbye to some really amazing friends… I am back in Hong Kong for round two – Semester 2! Although I was happily settled, I was not entirely sure what to expect with new inbound exchanges. I felt no fear, but just excitement at the thought of having the opportunity to make new friends all over again and to share some amazing experiences with them in the next few months!

Since being back, I have been caught up in the buzz of Chinese New Year. It was the most amazing and surreal experience to be in Hong Kong for it! I had a whole week full of events, beginning with a trip to the Prince Edward flower markets where locals tend to buy lucky plants and trees, which are a symbol of prosperity for the coming year. Then on to the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, which is an age-old custom of writing wishes and aspirations onto paper and throwing them into the tree’s branches (I hope my wish comes true!).

The main event was Tsim Sha Tsui’s annual Night Parade, with magnificent floats, hundreds of performers and a general street party to celebrate the year of the horse! There were thousands of people there, so it was very difficult to see the parade – but it was still a great experience!!

Following this was the fireworks display across the harbour, which was undoubtedly the most jaw-dropping firework display that I have ever seen! Check out my pictures below.

Now CNY has passed, we are starting to get serious with work! I hope that I can learn from last semester and the communication difficulties that I had faced and come out with a better approach towards assessments and exams!

Speak soon, Roopa x



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