Pre Departure to Singapore

About to embark on the journey of a lifetime

By Callum Campbell (National University of Singapore).

I am only a couple of days away from my departure for Singapore, ready to spend my first semester at the National University of Singapore, and it’s been an enduring, interesting, yet exciting process. Although communication with the host university (along with other set backs) has proved tough, I still managed to stay composed throughout the process. My adventure of a lifetime is near.

The university I will be studying at while in Singapore

Thinking back to when I was introduced to the idea of studying abroad, to now be on the verge of starting the amazing adventure ahead of me, it is strange to think how quickly the time as passed. It seems like yesterday when I was handing in my application forms and then nervously waiting to find the outcome. But thankfully, I was accepted to study at the National University of Singapore and I have been anticipating my departure ever since I got the green light.

However, the preparation has not been as straightforward as I thought it was going to be. In a naive manner, I assumed that the process would be nearly as simple as applying for universities in England, however, the University in Singapore is currently undergoing building works on the campus and once I received confirmation to study at NUS, which was stressful waiting for in itself, I was informed I would not be offered accommodation on site. “Not a problem”, I thought. However, unlike England where private accommodation is not a problem, Singapore only really had student hostels that were effectively like travellers hostels but just more adapted for studying. On top of this, I was constantly applying for different documents while trying to get in contact with the university, which also proved a massive headache due to the eight-hour time differences.

But despite the pile up of the deadlines, documents and set backs I encountered, I always stayed relaxed and collected, reminding myself that this is all part of the studying abroad experience. And sure enough, my composed and calm mentality paid off as I managed to appeal and successfully guarantee university accommodation, complete the majority of documents and still have enough time to fit a holiday to Portugal in before hand!

Not forgetting my roots
Not forgetting my roots

And now, with only a couple of days before I fly out to Asia to embark on this amazing adventure, my attention is fixed on packing and saying my goodbyes to friends and family. At times it is hard to forget that I am going out to this part of the world to study, which is made more bizarre by the fact others are only half way through their summer holiday, but overall I am extremely delighted to have taken this opportunity and know I will make the most of this chance in every aspect.

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