By Sophie Black (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

Upon reading through Sarah’s Top 10 (read her fab post here) I’ve taken it upon myself to think of a few more things to see/do in Vancouver…

  1. Menchies : Yes, I shall place the best frozen yoghurt on campus at number one. Menchies is delicious, and if you live in Fairview then it can become very dangerous for your (limited) study abroad bank accounts!
  2. Beach at Kitslano: If you catch the sunset over the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club the view can be so beautiful. There is a twenty-year waiting list for boats to be housed at the marina here – and you can see why. Only about 10 minutes away from campus, an evening on Kits beach is a must!
  3. Granville Island: Famed for its indoor food market, spending a day on Granville can also include a very inexpensive water taxi journey over to Yaletown or even an evening spent in one of its theatres.
  4. Cycle Stanley Park: make the most of the cheap bike hire shops and spend an afternoon cycling the sea wall at Stanley Park. It will 1) Make you realise how huge the park is; 2) Probably make you feel very very lost in the maze of cycle paths, yet; 3) Give you some awesome views, especially of the Lions Gate Bridge!
  5. Beaches on Campus: Yes, I am aware of the incredible beaches fellow study abroaders have nearby (Aussies, I’m looking at you!), yet UBC has a few too. Walk the stairs of doom down to the nudist Wreck Beach (yeah, I said nudist…) or take the smaller, far quiter option of the next beach along. There are even a few bizarre ‘watch towers’ covered in graffiti to somewhat spoil the view!
  6. Serene Vancouver Island: Take the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Vancouver and take a ferry ride over to Vancouver Island. I was lucky enough to have family living in Nanaimo, where I spent Thanksgiving. Stereotypical ideas of ‘Canada’ can certainly be found here: silence, forest…and even elk. Well, when I was on the ferry to the island I did spot a pick-up with the body of a enormous Elk that must have been hunted somewhere up in the North!
  7. Capilano Suspension Bridge (at night!): the suspension bridge runs a free shuttle service from downtown every few hours throughout the year, so there is no excuse to miss seeing the incredible views and braving a walk along the bridge! BC Residents are given an annual pass the first time you visit the bridge, so visit both during the day, but also when the Canyon Lights event is on during Christmas time. Fairy lights galore…
  8. Hitoe Sushi: Started with food so I shall finish with food… I had tried very little sushi before I made my way to UBC, yet I have come home a sushi devotee. The best can be found on West 4th– only around 10 mins on the bus from campus, Hitoe is so delicious and so cheap. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Just a few to consider venturing out to do while in Vancouver!

Please comment below with your own favourite things to see and do 🙂


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