Amsterdam review – places to go

If like many people you’re thinking about travelling to Amsterdam for a short weekend, you’ll find many reviews of the best (most expensive) hotels, best (most expensive) restaurants and the you’ll be pointed in the direction of all the main attractions. Whilst undoubtedly Anne Franks House is a moving experience and the  Rijksmuseum is full to the brim of artefacts and art, I wish to suggest some other alternatives to do whilst in Amsterdam, particularly for those with a smaller budget.


If you want really cheap, instant food then try out Febo. It’s a chain that does burgers, but theres a catch. The burgers are waiting for you in a sort of vending machine. Just pop u money in open the hatch and there it is. If doesnt tickle your pickle dont worry its only €1

For the best burger in town, without having to sit down or book a table head to Burger Zaken. Build your own burger from a range of meats and toppings and enjoy the views of the canals.

If you’ve got a little bit of extra cash head to Cannibal Royale – a meat eaters delight. The ribs are amazing. Its a strange and quirky place with old photographs around the walls, and strangely enough baby dolls. But don’t be put off its a interesting place and the food is great. 

Day time:


I cant stress this enough. This for me is essential in getting around Amsterdam, as its probably the quickest and easiest, but best of all you get to see everything. Take it all in with the wind in your hair, but watch out as in winter that wind will be blowing you off your bike and I kid you not you’ll be forced to walk. So yeah bikes is the best, but its probably fair to say its very weather dependent.

The cheapest attraction and by far one of the best is Vondelpark. Think of it as Amsterdam’s answer to New York’s Central Park. Its full of activity and life. There’s sometimes even parties in an old WWII bunker under one of the bridges, or in the day you can enjoy a drink in one of the many cafe and bars in the park.

For any pool or snooker fans Plan B is located just next to Vondelpark. It has loads of pool tables for which you pay by the hour and also shows live sports (but if you’re planning on watching any English sports with real atmosphere head to Cocos).

A slightly cheaper and different art museum to go to would be Foam. Its a modern art gallery of photography. The content of the museum changes from time to time but is definitely worth a glimpse, if you’re into that sort of thing.

A last suggestion to any one who loves a bargain or vintage clothes is to head to Waterlooplein market. Its fully of all sorts of stuff and right next door are a two vintage clothes shops, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the market check either f them out. Episode clothing being my preferred choice.



For be the night is about staying in and relaxing or going out and partying. So assuming you don’t want to hear about what I watch on Sunday night i’m going to tell you about a couple places worth checking out.

First of all its worth noting that some of these suggestions might not be up your street and second of all I advise anyone who is looking to go out partying in Amsterdam to check online. A good website for this is ResidentAdvisor it should tell you whats going on in the city, where it is and give you the chance to buy tickets.

Of course what music you like will dictate where you go but i think a good place for all is Canvas. You might not hear much about it anywhere else but its 10/10 in my books. It sits on top of a hotel with panoramic views and good music. This place isn’t to pretentious which is definitely a criticism I have for other clubs which don’t let you because ‘you don’t look right’ or ‘don’t know who’s playing’ inside.

A second recommendation would be to go to Club UP. This is a much bigger club with big nights on and for want of a better for more intense, but good intense nonetheless. The queues can get quite big here buts its good fun.

My last suggestion is for those looking for something a little bit more off the beaten path is OT301. This club plays music that most certainty won’t be to everyones taste, but offers something different. It has a relaxed bar area as well  with big benches and sofas which nicely  juxtaposes the main dance room, which itself isn’t huge but again another fun place.


So there you go, some of my suggestions for those travelling to Amsterdam. I’ve tried to tell you about some of the less obvious or cheaper alternatives to Amsterdam. If you’re looking for one of the places give them a google and i’m sure you’ll find all the information you need.



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