Study Abroad Reflections Back in Manchester

by Ros Harwood, Queen’s University Canada

Almost a year on from finishing my year abroad at Queen’s, I think it is a suitable time to reflect on going on a year abroad and how settling back into Manchester has been since. Every time I’m stuck in the library writing coursework, doing a dissertation with a to-do list longer than you can imagine, I also think back to last year where I had a fantastic opportunity to study but also explore in another country and constantly wishing I could do it again. Study abroad expanded my horizons in the least cheesy way possible and gives a new perspective on the world as well as the amazing travelling you can do. I still keep in touch with some Canadian friends and am in the process of thinking when I can make a visit back in the near future.

Settling back into Manchester is nothing to worry about, it does feel like you are coming home to see all your friends and hear all their stories and live together again and enjoy everything we all love about Manchester. The pressure of final year and your future does hit hard straight away but that’s reality and after study abroad, it will seem awful but you get used to it. I am very glad I got the opportunity to go away, would not change anything about it and look back on it with fond memories and get nostalgia crying in the library when Facebook announces my memories from 1 year ago. It has set me up however to want to explore more of the world in the future so I will have to wait until that time comes round again, until then back to the dissertation.

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