Returning to Reality

Grace Clarke (Psychology, University of Maryland, United States)

After my whirlwind year abroad, I anticipated that my return to Manchester and the delightful Mancunian weather would be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, I have found the transition to be smooth. My year of travelling made living out of a wardrobe rather than a suitcase seem appealing. Don’t get me wrong – I would much rather be in Maryland or one of the other amazing places I have been in the last year, but I appreciate Manchester a lot more this year.

I am ready to ‘get my head down’ and complete my degree, hopefully with a good grade! Effectively being a year older than most other final year students and having had a year away, I feel refreshed and ready to take my lectures and assignments very seriously.

However, it is safe to say that I still have itchy feet – I will be jetting off somewhere exciting when I next have the chance to!

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