Its been a while since my last post and all of a sudden I found myself in the depth of deadlines before I finish for Christmas in two days’ time.

Describing my first semester in Hong Kong as full on would be an understatement. Doing 5 modules which are all coursework based has meant I have spent most weekdays at the school working, however I always made time at weekends to explore and hike somewhere new. These 5 modules have also meant I have found myself under more work pressure and stress than I ever anticipated before coming to Hong Kong, especially as my grades count towards my final year and are not pass fail. I will speak about this more in my academic differences post.

I am still amazed by and continually discovering how culturally diverse Hong Kong is. In just half an hours ride on the MTR you are transported from a densely populated city to breathtaking landscapes with open space.

A particular memory that stands out for me this semester is when I went on a trip to Tai O with my project group for a module called Visual Merchandising. Tai O is a traditional fishing village located on Lantau island just an hours trip from my accommodation on Kowloon. All the houses are built on stilts on the water and the village remains a traditional bubble from the fast paced and contemporary city centres.

Having chosen to study mostly design subjects where I was required to make garments, window displays, and even a shoe (!), this semester I often found myself wandering the streets of more local and less glamorous areas of Hong Kong on the hunt for fabrics and materials. Whilst the language barrier was frustrating at times I found it interesting to see the more local side and understand Hong Kong isn’t actually as westernised as it may seem.

Hong Kong is a completely unique, vibrant city and like no where I have ever been before. I am pretty sure it is impossible to be bored here! I am however looking forward to some time at home with my family and friends and some well needed R&R! Before then I have an exciting trip to Tokyo planned to celebrate the end of the semester.


Cable car at the Big Buddha



Tai O trip with my group


Tai O


Repulse Bay Beach


Lantau Island


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