Six Months In

Aneesa Piracha, Physics, University of California, Irvine, USA

As of today, it has been six months since I started at UC Irvine. Six months has been long enough to feel settled and at home but, still feel like I only got here yesterday. I have reached a point on this wild trajectory, at which I don’t totally feel at home nor do I feel like I’m on holiday. Reaching this milestone has helped me realise my entirely different approach to life, purely based on the fact that I know I am only going to be here a short while longer.

I have put myself in alien situations, tried new sports and hobbies and befriended everyone under the sun, all because I understand that the opportunities I will face on my year abroad will never find me again. My new-found carefree attitude is the one thing I will treasure the most from my year abroad, and I hope to bring it back with me to Manchester and through life beyond university.

To anybody considering studying abroad and using this blog as guidance: it may seem cliche but, you truly will develop as a person whilst studying abroad, and the experience will bring out traits and qualities in yourself that you may not have noticed. Go for it!

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