How it feels now

It has now been over 8 months since I came back from the USA. I must admit I was nervous once I touched down in the UK as I felt like I had come from another world. I had mixed reactions of coming back as I wasn’t ready to let go off the great times I experienced but at the same time I couldn’t wait to meet my family and friends.

I had an internship that began a week after landing, so I took the week to meet up with family and friends. I took time during the internship to study for my exams that I had to do as a first sit during August resit period as I had to miss the January exams since I was expected at UMass prior to the commencement of January exams. This meant that I had a very busy summer but it was worth it.

I remained in contact with friends in the UK whilst I was abroad and likewise, I remain in contact with friends I made in USA. We stay in touch through various social media. One of my friends came to visit me in the summer whilst another came in late November. I expect to host my roommate next summer. Needless to say, I made life-long friends at Umass.

After going through thorough assessments throughout the semester at Umass, I expected Manchester to be a bit relaxed but that was not the case as it was in first and second year. It comes to no surprise as it is final year. I experienced little difficulties in understanding the teachings as the gap in knowledge was bridged by courses that I took in America. These courses were carefully selected by my exchange adviser.

I have used my experience as an exchange to student to be a global mentor for three students from Korea, France and USA. Overall, the experience has changed me for the good. I have learnt about my limits and what makes me happy is that I did what I could in the USA and have no regrets. The only thing I want to do now, is to get on American Airlines!

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