Having some time off from uni, I found an internship in India, working with a volunteering company. It was an amazing experience, India is beautiful and the work I did was rewarding and gave me an insight into what career paths I might want to get into after graduating.

Incense powder

In Hong Kong, there are lots of public holidays and I know that some uni’s out here get reading weeks which give you even more time to travel. My year abroad has been amazing, not just because of Hong Kong, but because I’ve been able to travel to so many interesting places for less than half of the price it would cost to get there for England.

My advice to anyone coming to Hong Kong: take advantage of the cheap flights and travel all around Asia, you don’t have to be limited to just Eastern Asia!

Enjoy the photos:

Thali: a selection of curries
Working with some volunteers to construct a playground
Athirappilly Falls

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