After living in Hong Kong for 8 months, I finally got round to doing the famous Lion Rock hike which gives you the most incredible views of Kowloon and the main island. I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my second semester so far just before the exam period begins and the semester comes to an end.


Firstly, I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone, so much more so than my first one. I currently have about a week to complete the rest of my assignments before teaching ends and exams start. Luckily, I only have one exam which is in early May so I have some time to travel afterwards and also enjoy some more relaxed time in Hong Kong before I return to the UK at the beginning of June.

In my second semester here I really felt that Hong Kong started to feel more like home. I know my way around so well now especially after having visitors to show around. Whilst many students from the first semester did not return for the second, I really enjoyed meeting new friends this semester and at the same time making closer friendships to those that have been with me for the whole year.

For the majority of the semester, the weather was not nearly as good as it was last year. When the weather did pick up about two weeks ago I often took the opportunity to grab some sushi and sit by the harbour for a lunch break. As I sat in the sun eating my lunch overlooking the harbour I felt so lucky to be here. I will never have a lunch view like that in Manchester!


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