A post about where I enjoyed eating in Hong Kong…

Dim Sum

Dim sum is a type of Chinese cuisine where you order smaller dishes usually dumplings, wontons and buns and share.

Dim sum at Tim Ho Wan is really cheap, you could probably eat a filling meal for around £4, However the menu is that not extensive, the barbeque pork buns are pretty famous.

I think the best dim sum in Hong Kong is Din Tai Fung. The menu is more extensive (and tasty!) than Tim Ho Wan, however it is not as cheap, but still affordable. It’s a really good option to take visitors.


Sushi here is so much cheaper than it is in the UK. My favourite place to get sushi is at the Sushi Takeout chain which is all over Hong Kong. It’s really cheap and there is lots of variety so it’s a good option for lunch, dinner or a snack.

Genki sushi: For when you want sushi to be a bit more exciting, go here! You can order your sushi on a screen and it arrives to your seat on a conveyer belt. The sushi is good and again, not that expensive. It is also a nice alternative place to take friends or family when they visit.



Before coming to Hong Kong I had never really tried Vietnamese food before, now it’s one of my favourite cuisines.

Bep is located in Central and offers a wide variety of tasty Vietnamese dishes including pho most which are under £10.

Minh and Kok is a Vietnamese/Thai in Causeway Bay. This is my favourite place to get Vietnamese food. I love the setting of the restaurant on the food walk street and the interior is really nice and more relaxed than Bep in central which can get really busy. The prawn laksa soup and the pad thai are my favourites.




There’s only so many fried dumplings and noodles you can eat before you start craving some fresh vegetables!

Mana! in the Central district (next door to Bep) offer a range of amazing salads which you can make into a wrap or have as a salad box as well veggy burgers and other good stuff. This is definitely not the cheapest place to eat but I think its definitely worth it as a treat!



Brunch food is something I really really miss about the UK whilst living in Hong Kong. Breakfast is so different here, I’m pretty sure the locals eat noodles for breakfast and granola in the supermarket can be as much as 90hkd which is around £9!

One of my favourite brunch places is N1 in Tsim Tsai Tsui (TST). It’s a tiny café located just opposite N1 exit (hence the name) of East Tsim Tsai Tsui station. Here is where I first found really good avocado and poached eggs for a relatively affordable price. I found a lot of other brunch places really overcharge and do not give much food or they aren’t particularly nice.


About halfway through second semester I discovered Reactors coffee in the Metropolis mall in Hung Hom (really convenient for PolyU students). First, the coffee is good which can be hard to find here. I then realised they do a brunch deal on weekdays where you can get food like eggs/avo/salmon on toast with a good coffee and then with student discount for about 42hkd (around £4.50). I go here almost everyday!

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