Time to go

The past week has been one of the most difficult periods I’ve been through. Having to say bye to the most beautiful people I have ever met has made watching the clock tick closer to my departure, even harder. Though I spent my last week doing all my favourite things: being at the beach, going to national parks, seeing everyone I love, I still felt very melancholic. Having the most amazing year of my life had a price, and leaving definitely wasn’t something I was prepared for.

Coming home has been nice. I’ve surrounded myself with people I haven’t seen or even spoken to in a year. I’m sleeping in my own bed and enjoying my mum’s cooking. But, there is still a void. I am no longer the same person I was in California, and in no way can I articulate just how amazing my year was.

California, and UC Irvine has shaped me as a person. I’ll treasure my experiences forever. I thank everyone who made the past year so beautiful.

Stay Cali,




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