Where are the Aussies?

View from ferry in Sydney

It’s been 1 month & 4 days since uni started and I’m still not used to things. But first, here’s some accommodation in Sydney tips:

  • Don’t settle for the first thing you find, make sure you look around as fast as you can and as careful as you can because a lot of people are in the same situation as you.
  • Join waitlists for cheap student accommodation – lots of affordable(ish) on campus accom will have been “sold out” and they will put you on a waiting list. More often than not you will receive a room within a week! I’m currently staying at the Sydney University Village (probably the cheapest on campus accommodation for an exchange student); it’s ran by Campus Living Village which we have in Manchester too!
  • Share houses are much cheaper! If you find on campus living too expensive (which I sadly do), it’s fairly easy to find a room in a share house within 2 weeks. Many exchange students usually take up this option.

One really weird thing about Sydney – hardly any domestic students live out! Where are the Aussies? The answer to this is that students in Aus prefer to stay at home – this is due to how expensive accom is and also the distance. Everything in Aus is so far, if you went to a uni in a different city, there’s an 96% change you’ll have to catch a flight back & forth.


View from local train

Aus transport is so great and probably one of my fave things about the city. The buses here are just like the ones in Manchester (but no free wifi, boohoo) and the trains are extremely cool – the seats can move! The University is in such a great location that you have easy access to any part of the city – which you’re going to need because Sydney is soooooo big.

If you’re an exchange student, you’re eligible for a concession Opal card (this is a travel card where you can keep topping up instead of paying coins every time). A concession card means you get a 50% discount on travel, woohoo!!!

A transport tip: keep your Sundays free, unlimited travel for $2.60!!!

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