Spring Brook National Park: so beautiful, yet so earthly.

People usually go to Gold Coast for beaches. Few people go to this national park just about 35 km outside Gold Coast. It’s called Springbrook National Park. It is actually one of the very few rainforest reserves left in Australia. It offers a completely different view than Gold Coast itself. Being in a quite secluded place, there is no public transportation connecting it to Gold Coast, so you might want to rent a car. In fact, in Springbrook, even the freeway leading to it, you phone can hardly pick up any signal. So get prepared to keep your phone in the pocket and truly immerse yourself into the nature.

Upon stepping into the forest, we saw this little dude:

    SO WELL FED. It can obviously easily find food in the forest.

As we went further into the forest, we saw the stream the park is named after (or at least that was what I thought)

 It was bit dry at that moment. Seems like it has not rained in a while.

Finally we reached this cave in which we found amazing stuff:

 Looks nice from outside eh?

Glowing worms: Look out for the little blue dots in the picture, they are glowing worms. They glow without any external light source. Read the introduction board outside the cave, still did not quite get the mechanism behind that.

It was sunset time when we came out of the park.

Personally, I love the nature view in Iceland and Australia the most. Iceland makes you feel you are on another planet, as everything seems so alien. But Australia makes you feel that, you are right here on Earth, and that, the beauty of the world we live in can be well beyond your imagination.

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