Goodbye UDLAP

By Lily Baker Haynes, Universidad de las Americas

My time here at UDLAP is coming to an end – and of course, it flew by. I arrived here fresh-faced and having no idea what to expect… and I finish having learnt a lot, met amazing people and leaving a part of my heart here in beautiful Cholula.

One of many amazing sunsets behind volcano Popocatépetl

Studying a private university – named one of the best universities in Mexico (and one of the most expensive) – has been a completely different experience, and has given me new understandings of various education systems and teaching and learning styles.

Having made my home here, constructed a life and friendships here means that leaving is an odd feeling, but all good things must come to an end. However, what I am more and more sure of, is that I’ll be back to Mexico before I know it.

But – that’s not the end of my adventure just yet! I’m off to take advantage of being in Central America and will be travelling to El Salvador, Guatemala, more of Mexico and finishing this amazing year in Cuba, before making a heartbreaking return to the UK soon. Don’t get me wrong – it will be good to be back, but I can’t help but feel I would love to stay here. I’ve learned so much and met incredible people, and feel that in my heart, I’m a bit mexa, soy mexa de corazón. I’ll be back, Mexico.

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